IEA ESP Award of the Year Winners

Congratulations Vickie Gibson and Sue Zobrist

Congratulations to Vickie Gibson and Sue Zobrist for receiving the 2022 IEA ESP Award of the Year.  Every spring the Illinois Education Association holds a spring awards banquet to honor Education Support Personnel for their outstanding service and contributions to our students, their families and our communities.  Vickie and Susan will be recognized at the IEA Region 5 Spring Awards Banquet on April 26th surrounded by their colleagues and friends in education.

Submitted by the Triad Educational Support Personnel President, Robin Pulley

Vickie Gibson:

Vickie is the secretary in the Student Services Department at Triad High School. Within this capacity, she serves as registrar managing enrollment for incoming and outgoing students. She develops and sends transcripts for individuals applying to college, joining the military, or seeking employment. Additionally, she manages data for the state student information system for the entire district. A role that Vickie has taken on with the increase in mental health concerns among our adolescents has become triage for students who are seeking support from the school counselors, social worker, and psychologist. She identifies when situations require immediate attention or to be monitored, and communicates the location of students with their teachers and the main office for attendance. With her varied responsibilities, Vickie does all of this with a smile on her face and always makes the needs of others take priority over her own.. Her instinctive caring nature, along with her good heart, make her a perfect fit as the face of our student services. office. Ultimately, Vickie's steadfast nature in helping and supporting everyone she encounters at our high school brings a positivity to our entire school and community.

Sue Zobrist:

Mrs. Zobrist is much more than a school librarian. Helpful, caring, and dedicated are just a few words to describe Mrs. Zobrist. Her dedication to the students, staff, and library at St. Jacob Elementary goes above and beyond your typical duties as a librarian. Mrs. Zobrist keeps opportunities for literacy at the center of students’ lives. She will do everything possible to make sure kids have a book in their hands. 

Mrs. Zobrist has served generations of students at the St. Jacob library. She has made the library a safe and welcoming place for many years. Mrs. Zobrist did not let the pandemic affect her dedication to the library. She would bring carts of books around to each classroom to ensure that kids were still able to get a new book each day. She orders new books for the library weekly, organizes voting for Monarch books, promotes the Accelerated Reader program, organizes the Scholastic Book Fair,  and decorates the library to make it a welcoming place for all. She knows exactly where every book is located in the library, and is always giving recommendations to both staff and students. Her love for reading and books has been passed on to the students, staff, and community in St. Jacob.