Use this guide to help you accomplish your post-secondary goals 

Tenth Grade

  • Learn about the types of colleges available

  • Talk with your parents, teachers, and school counselor about your interests and hopes

  • Attend the THS College Night Presentation which will cover the college application process, financial aid, and testing.  Reps from area colleges will be available for Q & A session  

  • Learn about money. Start saving from part-time and summer jobs 

  • Keep exploring career options using your profile for Career Cruising

    • Complete a career interest inventory through Career Cruising 

    • Ask your counselor for a username and password for site above

    • Access Big Future for college/career searching

    • Visit at least one workplace aligned to career interests 

  • Become active in athletics, academic, extracurricular, and/or community activities

  • Talk with college students and people in the workforce

  • Use these websites for college searches:

  • Schedule a registration appointment with your assigned counselor during the month of January. You will meet with your counselor in February to choose classes

  • Download and choose classes using the current year THS course booklet

    • Update your 4 year plan using the THS 4-Year Planning Chart

    • Account for pre-requisites required for classes

  • Check to make sure the classes you are taking help you achieve your goals