Instructions for connecting your Khan Academy account to College Board

Connecting Khan Academy and College Board Accounts 

  • Go to

  • Click the sign-up button in upper right hand corner.

  • Click as Learner and complete your birthdate.  

  • Click sign up via email-don’t use triadlive account. Password must be at least 8 characters in length. Please use TCUSD and then your ID number for your password

  • Click Start button

  • Two questions will appear

  • Click yes that you have taken an SAT/PSAT 

  • Go on to question 2

  • Click A that you want to sign into college board and send test results, then click onward.

  • It will send you to the College Board website.  If you have a college board account, sign in.  If you do not have a college board account, click sign up. 

  • Complete the steps to create a college board account including name, gender, birthdate, school, graduation date, security question, username and password. 

Make sure you use the same email address as you used for Khan Academy.  Username-18KBrendel Password-TCUSD and then your ID number (TCUSD11111)

  • You do not need to put in your parent information nor click any of the boxes except for you must Agree to Terms.  Then click the Next button.

  • The next screen will have you check a few boxes to verify the information you typed in.  Click Confirm.

  • Once this is complete, you must wait 10 seconds then your college board account will be created.

  • If you have not taken a PSAT or SAT test, you have completed the process of created both accounts.  If you have taken a PSAT or SAT test, complete the following steps to link the accounts.

  • It will ask you to give permission to send scores to Khan Academy by verifying email.  Click Send.

  • Click Allow and your accounts are now linked and it brings you back to Khan Academy website.

  • If you access your Khan Academy Account, it will start your prep work based on your last college board test.  You can access your score report from your last college board test via the college board website.

  • For a video walk through of the instructions above, click here.

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