Use this guide to help you accomplish your post-secondary goals

Eleventh Grade - First Semester

  • Keep your grades up. Get help if you need it

  • Continue to take college prep courses

  • Attend the THS College Night Presentation which will cover the college application process, financial aid, and testing.  Reps from area colleges will be available for Q & A session 

  • Use these websites for college searches:

  • Attend a college fair

    • In October, SIUE will host a IACAC Illinois Regional College Fair 

  • Take SAT prep courses before taking the exam

  • Keep active in a in athletics, academic, extracurricular, and/or community activities.

  • Register to take the ACT in the Spring (American College Test) 

  • Visit a college and gather information

Eleventh Grade - Second Semester

  • Schedule a registration appointment with your counselor in January. You will meet with your counselor in February to choose classes

  • Download and choose classes using the current year THS course booklet

    • Update your 4 year plan using the THS 4-Year Planning Chart.

    • Account for pre-requisites required for classes

  • Investigate colleges regarding your interests, courses, support programs, and financial aid

  • Attend a college fair

    • In February, SWIC will host a college fair where over 100 colleges will be in attendance along with financial aid workshops

  • Start narrowing down the number of schools you are seriously considering. Visit them if possible 

  • Continue to explore career interests and discuss them with your parents, teachers, and school counselor using Career Cruising or Big Future

    • Ask your counselor for a username and password for career cruising

  • Once you receive your  SAT and  ACT scores, determine whether your scores meet your goals.  You may need to register again for the SAT or  ACT if they don’t meet requirements

  • Make a resume for rec letters for your senior year. Think of your accomplishments, extracurricular, volunteer work, and other awards you may have received. See this link for what goes on a resume College Resume

  • Think of 3-5 match schools and one safety school, one reach school for your applications