Use this guide to help you accomplish your post-secondary goals-

Ninth Grade:

  • Keep track of class assignments and tests by using an agenda

  • Understand the importance of attendance and coming to school EVERY DAY!

  • Don’t procrastinate...turn your homework in on time and study for your tests ahead of time 

  • Develop a 4 year plan using the THS 4-Year Planning Chart

  • Review the current year course booklet and the pre-requisites required for classes in future years

  • Meet with your assigned counselor in October to discuss your progress during the 1st semester. We will also discuss career goals, calculating a semester grade, credits, classes required for graduation and for college.

    • Complete a career interest inventory through Career Cruising 

    • Ask your counselor for a username and password for site above

    • Access Big Future for college/career searching

  • Get involved and develop leadership skills! Outline a plan for community service and extracurricular activities in your high school career

  • Become active in athletics, academic, extracurricular, and/or community activities.

  • Prepare for Semester Exams - this is 20% of overall Semester Grade

  • Understand though college is a long way off, the grades you earn contribute to your Grade Point Average (GPA) which will be important to keep as high as possible for college applications and scholarships

  • Schedule a registration appointment with your counselor in January. You will meet with your counselor in February to choose classes

  • To prepare for your appointment download and choose classes using the current year THS course booklet.

    • Update your 4 year plan

    • Account for pre-requisites required for classes